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Nathan... [24 Mar 2008|09:32am]
To do before going to Orlando on Wednesday:
1. Vacuum my room
2. Add at least 91 songs to my iPod so I can break 1000
3. Practice piano (specifically, the key change in DC)
4. Get my hands on an iPod cover...but I probably won't
5. Start the Existentialism essay
6. PACK!
7. Compress all of my English stuff into a small binder. Analysis sheets, Stranger, Underground, C&P, ER, notebook, etc. Should be fun.

I know I've forgotten things, so you will see this updated multiple times in the next two days.
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I have nothing to blog about. [03 Mar 2008|10:01pm]
I love Lee. The end.
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Keebler elves, etc. [02 Mar 2008|09:46pm]
Things from the aforementioned entry that I have accomplished:
6. Get un-sick

And even that's only about halfway accomplished. Time to somehow rewrite my style analysis even though it apparently didn't need any editing...!

Things I must remember to bring tomorrow:
1. Crime and Punishment
2. Get out of IRQs free pass
3. Re-written style analysis
4. The package of cough drops I didn't finish in one day
5. 17 bottles of water in case the cough drops fail
6. Money to buy more of 4 and 5

I need a new English binder. Again.
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Update...again [29 Feb 2008|06:30pm]
Things that need to be taken care of before Monday:
1. Econ position paper
2. Stat homework (it's definitely been a while)
3. Get someone to re-edit my SA, then rewrite it
4. Whatever Biology homework that was supposedly due yesterday
5. Learn the majority of the bass clef parts of the Jazz Band music. It would have been so much easier to start out as a cellist than a violinist...
6. Get un-sick
7. Collect receipts and copy them for Econ
8. Find $51

Maybe I'll start writing in this regularly again. Maybe.
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Update [30 Jan 2008|05:54pm]
1. Lee and I are writing a novel.
2. I need to clean out my backpack.
3. I still hate puns.
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